Court Usage, Memberships and Cancellation Policies

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Miami Beach Tennis Center is a public tennis facility open to everyone! 
Courts can be rented by the hour and yearly memberships are offered as well.
Court reservations can only be made 24 hours in advance.  ALL RESERVATIONS ARE MADE BY PHONE AT 305-604-4080.
Reservations for singles can be made for 1 hour & doubles for 2 hours. 
Court Pricing per Hour:
  • $7 per person per hour (residents of Miami Beach with ID)
  • $13 per person per hour (non-residents of Miami Beach*)
  • $3 light fee per person per hour after 5PM 
*North Bay Village, Bay Harbour, Surfside, North Miami Beach are non-residents.
Please note that we do not accept cash.  Credit cards only.

Memberships are sold annually in accordance with the City of Miami Beach fiscal calendar year which runs October 1 - September 30. A prorated 6-month membership from April 1 to September 30 is available at a 50% reduction from the annual membership rate. Membership rates are not inclusive of sales tax.  A full-membership agreement is available upon request. 




$76.64 (resident) / $276.88 (non-resident)


ADULT SINGLE MEMBERSHIP $255.14 (resident) / $601.87 (non-resident)


SENIOR MEMBERSHIP (65+ as of 10/1/20)


$178.50 (resident) / $474.77 (non-resident)




$551.40 (resident) / $1,315.89 (non-resident)

Cancellation Policy:


• Cancellations for “open play” or private lessons must be made by 7PM the evening before either over the phone or by emailing with the appropriate time and date stamp.

• Same day reservations are non-refundable, except in the case of rain.


• Failure to cancel reservations within the appropriate time frame will result in the following for each player:


1st offense: Documented warning

2nd offense: $7 penalty*

3rd offense: $7 penalty* & suspension of court booking for 24 hours

4th offense: $7 penalty* & suspension of court booking for 1 week

5th offense: $7 penalty* & suspension of court booking for 1 month

Payment of penalties must be made prior to playing making reservations in the future.